Thursday, August 04, 2005

Kate Moss is the best...okay?

so tired of people referring to kate moss and sienna miller in the same breath as style icons. as in
"it's been done before by style icons like s.miller and k.moss"
sorry sienna, you were only famous b/c of jude and we hope your 15 min. is over now that you & jude seem to be over.
innyhoo, back to the point, which was that this here is a solid piece of evidence showing what a lame-copycat-ho sienna is when compared to kate.
we have here sienna miller working here "unique" style on July 1st.
then we have kate working the same hat in APRIL, 4 months ago. Just b/c everyone is paying attention to sienna right now b/c her (waaaaaaay hotter and actually famous in his own right) boyfriend cheated on her, does not mean she can go around ripping off kate's old outfits and pretending it was just some cute "quirky" "unique" little idea of hers.....arrrrrrrgggh...she makes us angry.


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