Thursday, August 11, 2005

Kate vs. Sienna: Round 2

Pete to Kate: oh, Katie, I'm so glad you took me back after
I burned up my bed to demonstrate how craaaaaazy in love
I am with you. You look pretty. I like the whole
loose vest, cutoff denims, & black flats look you've
got going on today.

Kate to Pete: thanks sugarpea, you know I like when
you compliment my outfits. Plus I've been keeping track
of my outfits ever since that sienna miller girl became "famous",
she's always stealing my (fashion) thunder, and it pisses me off
how she's tricking everyone into thinking
she's a fashion icon.
you know how I feel about fake fashion icons.

Kate: All I have to say is:
I am watching you Sienna!

Sienna (to her bodyguard b/c she has no friends):
Whatever, I'm to smart for that Kate.
I bet if I dilute her outfit over a couple of days, she won't catch on to me.
I'll wear the vest with denim today....

and a vest with the black flats and big sunglasses today

if I hold my hair in front of my face like this,
maybe people will actually think I
am Kate Moss!

Kate: errrgh, don't think I didn't notice that sienna!
But let's be serious,
anyone can pull of the vest look,
that's tame. Don't think I'll take this lying down,
I've got a few more (fashion) tricks up my (perfect) sleeves, bitch!

...let's see that little upstart pull of big polka-dotted pants
with a big shirt & loose hair!

mwa ha ha ha!
she'll never succeed! be continued


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