Tuesday, September 06, 2005

I love...

...this dress sooo much. why am I not rich enough to buy all the clothes I want? why do they not start making cheap clothes cute? its not like it would be that expensive to make this type of dress so I think there must be some type of conspiracy of trickle-down fashion where all the clothes industry people get together and decide which clothes are too cute to make available to poor people and which clothes are just kind of tacky so they let forever 21 and wal-mart and all the rest start making knock-offs. like even when designer people like isaac mizrahi start making cheap clothes (target in his case) they somehow all end up almost as ugly as everything else @ target...that makes me sad. I really want more money, I think I could spend it much better than many rich people...take bill gates for instance: I mean, his clothes are totally random, I think its really sad that he could afford to buy any/as many clothes as he wanted and yet he doesn't exercize that ability at all!


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