Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Sienna Strikes Again

sienna: check out my dior frock (don't tell anyone but I only chose Dior b/c kate moss wore it to the CFDA awards and hey, obviously copying her has been working, I'm totally like a style icon now!) oh yeah, did you guys notice I'm not wearing my engagement ring anymore? me & jude are so over.

stop right there sienna! that dress looks awfully familiar....

kate hudson: hey, look! that's the dress I'm wearing!

sienna: ....uh, right...but mine's not shiny...I'm a trendsetter, it's a whole new look, I call it "the original sienna miller look" the inspiration came to me in a dream, I swear!

kate: don't even try that sienna! came to you in a dream? please, you probably just fell asleep all alone watching me @ my premiere in MY DRESS! you are a big fat copycat!!!!

sienna: sigh, foiled again...I'm such a loser...and I don't even have jude to follow around anymore, what was I thinking breaking up with him! I'll never get a guy that famous again, I'll probably end up someone really lame now keving federline after britney comes to her senses and divorces him. know what sienna? you totally deserve that.


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